“I believe in the municipal ownership of these monopolies because if you do not own them they in turn will own you. They will rule your politics, corrupt your institutions and finally destroy your liberties.” Tom Johnson, Mayor Cleveland, 1901-1909

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Power San Diego To Council: Put Public Power on the Ballot

April 2, 2024


SDGE Inflates Costs, Keeps Rates Sky-High

March 19, 2024


SDGE Inflates Grid Asset Value as Much as Rates – hides behind out-of-state consultant’s name in attempt to undermine values in City’s municipalization study

March 18, 2024


No Surprise: SDG&E Inflates Grid Asset Value as Much as Rates

March 13, 2024


Taking Money from SDGE and Delivering the Goods: San Diego County Taxpayers Association

March 4, 2024


Sempra Profits: A Billion Reasons to Dump SDGE!

February 27, 2024


Is SDGE Using Customer Money to Keep Rates High?

February 13, 2024


Initiative Launches to FIRE SDGE! Aims to Create a Non-Profit Utility

November 16, 2023


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