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Welcome to the Power San Diego Ballot Initiative
The Grassroots Campaign for Change! 

The Power San Diego Ballot Initiative is here to give San Diegans a voice, and an option to change our energy future. Power San Diego is a growing coalition of San Diegans who are committed to creating a nonprofit utility that meets San Diego’s needs. 

San Diegans currently pay the highest rates in the country to a company with the lowest customer satisfaction in the west and third worst in the country. It’s time to change this!

Power San Diego wants to create a nonprofit public utility. One that is owned by the people and operated for the people. Lower rates, no fixed charges while also protecting your roof top solar is a future we can have. Let’s cut the profit going to shareholders and invest in our communities!

We are Power San Diego and we hope you will join us to make the change San Diego so desperately needs. 


San Diegans pay the highest electricity rates in the country!

$1M is what SDGE profits daily, in the city alone!

San Diegans are behind on their electricity bill.

$600 is the average owed by those behind on their bill. Over $200M in total.

San Diegans pay the highest electricity rates


per kWh

average rate in California


per kWh

average rate across the Nation


per kWh

average rate at SDGE


MORE than other Californians, on average


MORE than the National Average


MORE than California Rates in 2000, on average


Power San Diego is fighting for the creation of a locally owned and operated nonprofit power utility, that would put the citizens of San Diego’s interests first. Our mission centers around putting you in charge, and to make our energy future one that is affordable and sustainable.

Creating a local nonprofit power utility means they would be accountable to us, the citizens of San Diego. It means our needs will drive their decisions, not the needs of shareholders who are only involved for profit. It means a permanent change for our future, not empty promises and additional fees.  

Let’s Change Our Future!

What is a Nonprofit
Power Utility?

  • Brings electricity to homes and businesses
  • May generate and/or buy power
  • Is a not-for-profit entity
  • Is owned by the community
  • Is usually a division of local government
  • Is transparent (subject to sunshine laws)
  • Involves citizens in decision-making

  Your Money Stays Here

One of the key ways a non-profit power utility would save San Diegans money is by eliminating the nearly 20% profit margin that typically goes to SDGE, as they are a for profit company. With the creation of a nonprofit power utility, your hard-earned money stays right here in the community, local infrastructure, renewable energy projects, and benefits for you and your neighbors!

Elimination of Transmission Fees & Fixed Charges

A nonprofit power utility would prioritize local energy production through solar and battery backup. Aiming to eliminate transmission fees and fixed charges, while harnessing solar power and strategically storing excess energy to create a sustainable and cost-effective solution for our community.

You take control of your choices

Our mission is clear: empower you to take control of your energy choices, save on costs, and support sustainable practices for a better future. Supporting the Power San Diego Ballot Initiative would make you an essential part of a movement to change our energy landscape.

Public Utilities in california charge less

Around the state customers are saving substantially by having access to a public utility, on average, compared to rates with SDGE.


per kWh

average rate at Los Angeles’s Public Utility | LADWP




per kWh

average rate at Sacramento’s Public Utility | SMUD




per kWh

average rate at Silicon Valley’s Public Utility | SVP



Public power statistical report

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SDGE ranks last in customer satisfaction in the west & ties for 3rd worst in the entire country

SDGE is ranked dead last in customer satisfaction, by JD Power, compared to all the other utility companies in the western region. And it’s not much better nationwide, where they’re almost scraping the bottom tied for the third-to-last spot. It’s pretty disappointing, right?

But here’s the good news: nonprofit utilities are performing much better. SRP – Salt River Project’s Electric Division is a non-profit leading customer satisfaction in the west! They are not alone in nonprofits providing high ranking customer service.

If you’re tired of the lackluster service from SDGE, it’s time for a change!
Let’s fire SDGE and make the change to non-profit power for San Diegans.

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THE Recent News

Study finds municipal utility could save San Diego ratepayers up to 14% in 10 years

San Diego Gas & Electric finishes at or near bottom of JD Power customer satisfaction studies


‘I’m just fed up,’ some consumers tell regulators who will decide SDG&E’s proposed rate hike


California regulators got an earful from San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) customers upset about the utility’s request for an increase in revenue during their general rate case.

“It’s unfair that they’re asking ratepayers to keep paying more and more,” said Paula Brandt of Poway. “Every time you open a bill from them they want to increase something.”

The utility is asking regulators to approve about $3.6 billion in new revenue over the four-year period.

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