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Nonprofit public power utilities stand as a testament to the strength and effectiveness of community-driven initiatives. Unlike their private counterparts, public power entities are owned and operated by the people they serve – the local residents and businesses. This allows nonprofit public power utilities to align their objectives with the needs and aspirations of their community.

Case Studies

Los Angeles, California

1.4 million customers

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is the largest municipal utility in the United States with 8,100 megawatts of electric generating capacity (2021-2022) and delivering an average of 435 million gallons of water per day (487,000 acre-ft per year) to more than four million residents and local businesses in the City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles needed new employees to support its renewable energy initiatives. The utility partnered with a local technical college, a job training center, and a local union to develop an intense, two- to four-year training program. The partners now offer more than 50 training courses open to all local residents, offering classroom, computer-based and on-the-job training. Program graduates enter a “green jobs” pipeline, getting a job at the utility, and advancement opportunities as they progress in their careers. 

Emerald People’s Utility District, Oregon

22,000+ customers

Emerald People’s Utility District is one of six public utility districts in Oregon, and serves more than 22,000 accounts in Lane County. It began its life as a public power utility in 1983, after separating from a private utility that offered poor customer service and poor reliability.

The new utility created payment assistance programs to help its customers, conservation and energy savings programs, and community outreach programs including participating in local festivals and outreach to schools. The utility has won local, state and national awards for its outstanding customer service and has been featured in two best-selling management books for excellence in customer service.

APPA’s case studies offer a firsthand look at how public power utilities harness their independence to implement innovative solutions, tackle challenges, and create opportunities that are tailor-made for their regions. From reducing carbon footprints and promoting renewable energy adoption to enhancing energy efficiency and supporting economic development, these case studies exemplify the endless possibilities that arise when decisions are made locally, with the community’s best interests at heart.

… and many more

Tennessee Valley Public Power Association

Waverly Utilities: Waverly, Iowa

Seattle Public Utilities

Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation

Shrewsbury Electric & Cable Operations, Shrewsbury, MD

100 of the Largest Public Power Utilities

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